LDWF to Distribute Weevils to the Public for Giant Salvinia Control on Lake Bistineau

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries will distribute giant salvinia weevils to Lake Bistineau interested property owners and the surrounding community for release throughout the lake, particularly those areas containing large quantities of the invasive plant.

Who:     LDWF Inland Fisheries staff

What:    Salvinia weevil-infested plant material will be distributed to interested Lake

Bistineau stakeholders

When:   Saturday, June 24, 2017, from 10 a.m. until noon

Where:  Lake Bistineau State Park Area 1
Boat Launch Parking Lot
103 State Park Rd.          
              Doyline, LA 71023

The introduction of weevils into Lake Bistineau for control of giant salvinia is not a new concept. Since 2007, 2,495,893 weevils have been added to the lake as part of the department’s giant salvinia control plan. The weevils for this particular effort will be harvested from Iatt Lake, where they are found in high densities and have survived two successive winters, increasing their likelihood of survival.  A well-established weevil population, as part of an integrated management plan including herbicides and drawdowns, provides better control of giant salvinia than any single component alone.

Lake property owners are encouraged to participate in this control effort. Interested volunteers will receive weevil-infested plant material for distribution in areas near their property that hold water during lake drawdowns.  This volunteer effort is an attempt to establish populations of weevils in isolated areas of the lake that do not dewater and are disconnected from the main lake.

Interested participants will receive sealed bags of salvinia, free of charge, containing both adult weevils and larvae. An informational handout with directions and recommended release methods will also be provided.

To ensure an adequate number of weevils are available, please contact Kevin Houston, LDWF Biologist Supervisor, at khouston@wlf.la.gov or (318) 371-5214, prior to close of business on June 21, 2017, if you plan to participate.

Participants are required to check in at the park office the morning of the event, but state park entry fees will be waived for those participating in the event.

LDWF’s previous work with weevils as a salvinia control method on Lake Bistineau is highlighted in the Lake Bistineau Management Plan, available at: http://www.wlf.louisiana.gov/fishing/waterbody-management-plans-inland.


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