April Lagniappe Fisheries Newsletter


Lagniappe — April 2017


A Special Message from the Director of Louisiana Sea Grant


Dear Stakeholders,


We are asking you to help Louisiana Sea Grant tell our story in response to threats in Washington, D.C. to eliminate the Sea Grant program. In March, the President sent Congress a request for drastic cuts to federal investments related to everything from the environment to health and human services and education.


One of the programs slated to be cut by $30 million in Fiscal Year 2017 (FY17) is the National Sea Grant College Program. In addition, the Fiscal Year 2018 (FY18) budget proposal would also eliminate funding for Sea Grant. The FY17 proposed cut wipes out the remaining budget for Sea Grant this year and would terminate the National Sea Grant Office the day such a budget cut became effective. If Congress approves this cut, we and the services we provide our state could be gone in a matter of months.


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Bull Sharks


The bull shark is a widely known predatory species with a very aggressive behavior that gets its name from its short, sturdy body form with a blunt snout that resembles a bull. This shark can be found in coastal seas around the word and is the only species of shark that can tolerate both salt and fresh water. It has the ability to swim straight from the sea into brackish or fresh water areas with ease, such as rivers, lakes and marshes, bringing them into more contact with humans than other species. This transition is possible due to a special membrane that allows the shark to separate the external environment with its internal environment, allowing for equal concentrations of water throughout its body.


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More articles in this month’s edition of Lagniappe:


  • Council Path to Louisiana’s Control over Red Snapper Fishery
  • Red Snapper Management Comments
  • Over 5,600 Abandoned Traps Removed
  • Louisiana Spring Shrimp Season
  • Louisiana Shrimp Watch
  • Fish Gear Coordinates – February and March
  • Important & Upcoming Events
  • The Gumbo Pot – Battered Fried Crawfish Tails


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