NOAA Announces New Online IFQ Species Identification Guide

Fish ID


  • NOAA Fisheries currently manages red snapper, ten grouper and three tilefish species under the Gulf of Mexico Red Snapper and Grouper-Tilefish Individual Fishing Quota (IFQ) programs.  An online IFQ species identification guide is now available under the Additional Information tab on the Catch Shares Homepage at:




Certain species are very similar in appearance and could be confused when captured or landed after a trip.  Some common examples are:

  1. Gag Grouper vs. Black Grouper
  2. Black Grouper vs. Yellowfin Grouper
  3. Scamp Grouper vs. Yellowmouth Grouper
  4. Golden Tilefish vs. Goldface Tilefish
  5. Blueline Tilefish vs. Goldface Tilefish


Correctly identifying and reporting all species is important because these data inform both stock assessments and fisheries management.






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