Tiger shark

Duane Raver

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries would like to remind commercial shark anglers who fish on a vessel holding a federal permit to harvest Large Coastal Sharks   that only one commercial limit (45 sharks) is allowed per vessel, per trip, regardless of the number of permitted or licensed anglers on that vessel.

Federal shark permit regulations specify that a vessel with a federal shark permit must abide by the federal regulations associated with a federal shark permit at all times. Federal regulations for the LCS fishery allow only one trip limit (45 per vessel) for any one trip, but multiple trips may be taken in one day.

State harvest regulations allow commercial shark fishermen, in state waters only, to harvest one daily limit (45 sharks) for each commercially licensed state shark permit holder on a vessel as long as that vessel does not have a federal shark permit associated with it. Only one trip per vessel per day is allowed. State permit holders may only sell their own catch and are reminded of the restriction that prohibits long line gear in state waters.