Lagniappe — August 2016


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Previously thought to be wayward travelers in the northern Gulf of Mexico outside of Florida, West Indian manatees (Trichehcus manatus) are now spotted with increasing frequency from Alabama through eastern Texas. Manatees typically inhabit northern Gulf of Mexico waters from mid-May through mid-November when temperatures are warmest.


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Modified Rules for Commercial Harvest of Blue Crabs


A Notice of Intent (NOI) is under consideration to enact commercial blue crab harvest restrictions in order to reduce fishing pressure on the blue crab stock. The NOI restricts the commercial harvest of immature blue female crabs except those being held for processing of softshell crabs. It also establishes a 30-day closure of the blue commercial harvest and the use of crab traps beginning the third Monday of February. Both management actions would go into effect in 2017 and last through 2019.


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Louisiana Fisheries Forward Crab Professionalism Program Reopens


The Louisiana Fisheries Forward (LFF) Crab Professionalism Program will reopen July 1, 2016, allowing commercial fishermen to obtain a new, commercial crab trap gear license. The LFF Crab Professionalism Program was designed to provide Louisiana crabfishermen with the knowledge and tools needed to compete in today’s local, national and global economy.


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More articles in this month’s edition of Lagniappe:


  • Commercial Fishing Tax Exemption
  • Nassau Grouper Listed as Threatened Under Endangered Species Act
  • Recreational Gray Triggerfish and Greater Amberjack
  • Fish Gear Coordinates- June 2016
  • Important Dates & Upcoming Events
  • Louisiana Shrimp Watch
  • The Gumbo Pot – Seafood Lasagna


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