Lagniappe — April 2016 Newsletter

Louisiana Fisheries, Part 2: Freshwater Fisheries

The harvest of freshwater and marine finfish and shellfish in Louisiana continues to contribute significantly to the state’s economy. Fisheries landings are recorded by two government agencies. The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries receives monthly reports from the initial buyers (processors, dealers, etc.) who are required to record every transaction via trip tickets. Species, weights and dockside sales values of the landings are reported for all commercially harvested species. The National Marine Fisheries Service also is responsible for estimating fisheries landings, using both regional National Marine Fisheries Service data collectors and Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries reports.

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Research Projects for 2016 Omnibus Announced


The Louisiana Sea Grant College Program (LSG) intends to support eight research projects for the funding period which began Feb. 1, 2016. Follow the link below to view a synopsis of the projects, along with a list of the principal investigators and their affiliations.

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More articles in this month’s edition of Lagniappe:


·         Recovery of Louisiana Black Bear

·         Sea Grant Oil Spill Resources

·         Public Meetings for Potential Skimmer Trawl Regulations

·         Important Dates & Upcoming Events

·         Louisiana Shrimp Watch

·         Fish Gear Coordinates – February

·         The Gumbo Pot – Abita Crawfish Cakes

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