Louisiana Oysters

Louisiana Oysters Credit: Paula Ouder

The Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals re-opened oyster harvest areas 6 and 7 on the east side of the Mississippi River effective at one-half hour before sunrise January 13.


LDWF had the public oyster seed grounds in these areas open FOR SACKING ONLY with a 50-sack daily and possession limit.  Therefore, vessels are now allowed to resume market harvest on the public grounds in this area.


Louisiana Department of Health and Hospitals issued a molluscan shellfish closure order on December 11, 2015 for harvest areas 1 – 7 due to the presence of karenia brevis (Red Tide).  Today’s action only opens harvest areas 6 & 7, areas 1-5 remain closed until further notice.

To view a map of the Louisiana oyster harvest area grids, click here