Please see below for details about two upcoming science seminars:

  • Exploring Oil Spill Impacts in the Deep Gulf of Mexico, December 8th – Attend in Corpus Christi, TX or connect live online

If you haven’t yet registered for next week’s seminar, Exploring Oil Spill Impacts in the Deep Gulf of Mexico, there is still time! Register here.  We have added two more talks to the already exciting agenda: Flower Garden Banks National Marine Sanctuary staff, as well as representatives from the Marine Well Containment Company, will be joining us to share their respective knowledge and experience in the world of resource management and emergency response. Guest scientists Dr. Iliana Baums, Dr. Ian MacDonald, Dr. Scott Socolofsky, and Dr. Paul Montagna will be sharing their research on oil spill impacts in the deep sea.  December 8th, 9:30 am- 2 pm at the Harte Research Institute of TAMU-Corpus Christi,TX. Come learn and engage in discussion!  Visit our website for more info.​

  • Beyond the Response: A Look at the Science and Policy Behind Dispersants, December 15th – online only

We are pleased to announce a webinar opportunity, Beyond the Response: A Look at the Science and Policy Behind Dispersants, on December 15th, at 9:10 am CST.  Please note that this event is available only as a webinar. Topics include toxicity testing, the development of novel dispersants, and legal and policy issues such as the EPA proposed rule to the National Oil and Hazardous Substances Pollution Contingency Plan. Guest speakers will be Dr. Mace Barron; Dr. Vijay John; Melissa Daigle, J.D.; and Dr. Emily Maung-Douglass.  Learn how to connect to this webinar on our website.
Also, if you missed the Healthy Gulf Seafood seminar, the presentations are now available on our website:  Healthy Gulf Seafood presentations.