Expansion of an artificial reef in western Vermilion Bay began this week. Redfish Point, an existing inshore artificial reef, will be enhanced to increase hard-bottom fishing habitat.


Courtesy of LDWF

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries, in partnership with the Coastal Conservation Association of Louisiana, is coordinating the current enhancement of the 50-acre reef.


“Our continued partnership with CCA Louisiana has proven to be a highly successful venture, both organizations joining together with a single goal in mind – enhancing fisheries habitat while providing anglers with quality fishing destinations,” commented LDWF Assistant Secretary Randy Pausina. 


Approximately 3,500 tons of crushed limestone will be used to enhance the current reef, and construction is expected to be complete early next week. “There are a lot of moving parts on a project like this, and it is so satisfying to see it come together,” said David Cresson, Executive Director of CCA Louisiana.  “Our partners in this project are incredibly

dedicated to preserving the habitat at this site, and because of that, we are out here building this reef.”


Western Vermillion Bay’s shoreline once consisted of relic shell ridges. The hard-bottom habitat provided relief from the surrounding muddy water bottom. Unfortunately, due to coastal erosion, these natural reefs eroded away many years ago. LDWF began enhancement to the area in 1970, and again in 1990 by deploying relic clam shells. In 2006, limestone was added to the existing shell reef, which is beneficial for creating low-profile artificial reefs.


Launch locations for the reef include the Quintana Public Launch at Cypremort Point (12 nautical miles) and the Maxie Pierce Grocery (7 nautical miles). For reef coordinates and additional details, click here.


For more information on Louisiana’s Artificial Reef Program including reef locations and maps, please visit http://www.fishla.org/louisianas-artificial-reef-program/.