Shrimp Task Force Meeting- Revised

Louisiana Shrimp  Credit Paula Ouder

Mark Abraham, Chairman

The following is the agenda for the Louisiana Shrimp Task Force Meeting. The public is invited to attend.

Monday, September 14, 2015, 10:30 a.m.

Terrebonne Council Meeting Room

8026 Main Street, Houma, LA 70360


I.               Roll call and introduction of guests

II.              Approval of April 1, 2015 meeting minutes and September 14, 2015 agenda

III.            Treasury Report

A.     Budget report-LDWF

i. Shrimp industry promotion opportunities

IV.            April 15, 2015 Marketing Committee Report

V.              Old Business

A.     Refrigeration grant program update-LDWF

B.     Sustainability Update-LDWF

VI.            New Business

A.     Revised sustainability pre-assessment- LDWF

B.     Ted testing in skimmer nets- Jeff Gearhart (NOAA)

C.     LDWF sea turtle monitoring project (trawling)-LDWF

D.     Setting shrimp seasons- Andrew Blanchard

E.     Revising laws in place for shrimping in closed seasons

VII.           Public Comment

VIII.         Set Next Meeting

IX.            Adjourn

The meeting will be held in compliance with Louisiana’s Open Meetings Law as defined by Louisiana R.S. 42:11, et seq.  The public is invited to attend.  To listen in to the meeting via webinar register at


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