July Lagniappe Fisheries Newsletter


Research Focus: A Modeling Study Predicts the Impacts of Diversions and Sea-level Rise on

Eastern Oyster Growth

LSU’s Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering with the Louisiana State University Agricultural Center; U.S. Geological Survey (USGS), Louisiana Fish and Wildlife Cooperative Research Unit; and USGS, National Wetlands Research Center, have been working on a research project to understand the impact of changes in water flow or level on oysters.

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2015 Louisiana Chapter of the American Fisheries Society


The Louisiana Chapter of the American Fisheries Society hosts an annual meeting to facilitate information exchange among fisheries professionals and students throughout the state. The annual meeting provides a great opportunity for fisheries students to gain professional experience. The 2015 annual meeting was held May 28-29 at the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries Building in Baton Rouge. Topics included anything related to freshwater or marine fisheries in the state, including red snapper, cocahoe, oil impacts, crawfish, oyster reefs, red drum, blue crab and spotted gar.

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Spring Shrimp Season


The 2015 spring inshore shrimp season closed on Friday, June 19, from the Mississippi/Louisiana  state line westward to the western shore of the Freshwater Bayou canal except for some waters (see map)

All remaining state inside waters as well as all state outside waters seaward of the Inside/Outside Shrimp Line, as described in R.S. 56:495 will remain open to shrimping until further notice.

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  • Recreational Red Snapper Season Remains
    Open in Louisiana State Waters
  • License to Win! Promotion
  • New Rules Take at Port Eads Marina
  • Louisiana Shrimp Watch
  • Fish Gear Incident Sites – May 2015
  • Upcoming Events
  • The Gumbo Pot: Crab Rémoulade Salad

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