Louisiana Shrimp Task Force votes to repeal TED enforcement prohibition

In a significant vote at the Louisiana Shrimp Task Force meeting today, members came together and voted unanimously to support the repeal of legislation that prohibits LDWF agents from enforcing federal TED regulations.

Their motion was to, “Support legislation to repeal La. R.S. 56:57.2 (both sections) for a period of two years, after which time the Shrimp Task Force shall review the efficacy of the repeal and recommend to the Legislature whether to reinstate the prohibition of enforcement, or to permanently repeal the legislation.”

Existing legislation adopted in 1987 (R.S. 56.57.2), has prevented Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries enforcement agents from enforcing federal TED laws or regulations.  The Shrimp Task Force has been working with industry members and attending public meetings over the course of the last year to better understand the industry’s concerns regarding the repeal of this legislation.  This outreach has helped them garner support for the motion made today.

“This is a historic vote that shows our processors, dock owners and shrimpers all have common ground when it comes to preserving our fishery for future generations”, says Mark Abraham, Chairman of the Shrimp Task Force.


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