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Biodiversity and Susceptibilities
of Louisiana Salt Marshes

October 17-19, 2014
DeFelice Marine Center, Cocodrie, Louisiana

This new teacher workshop is a teacher professional development opportunity designed to help participants experience the richness of Louisiana salt marshes. BSLSM is a multi-day professional development that will …

  1. help teachers understand the diversity and complexity of salt marshes,


  1. show how diversity is important and how communities are impacted by environmental stresses like hurricanes, climate change, and oil spills,


  1. help teachers translate their experiences in the salt marsh into activities for their students.

Teachers that participate will utilize the resources of the Louisiana Universities Marine Consortium (LUMCON) and the DeFelice Marine Center which is situated within the coastal marshes of coastal Louisiana in Cocodrie, LA. Attendees of this workshop would have full access to salt marsh ecosystems to complete field observations and sample collection. Sample collections will be analyzed in the lab and preserved for teachers to use in the classroom. Presentations by local scientists will provide additional content information by presenting talks about topics within their expertise about how the marshes recover after natural and man-made stresses.

Who can apply:
Any science teacher that wants to learn more about the communities of plants, animals, and insects that call our coastal salt marshes home. And those that want to gain more insight about how those organisms recover from or overcome environmental events.

Spaces Available: 10 total* Participants need to be in good physical condition. Walking through the marsh and intertidal zones may be required.

Registration Deadline: September 30, 2014

Cost: FREE

Participants will Receive:

  • hands-on instruction on specimen collection, identification, and preservation


  • up to 15 CLUs


  • field guides and other classroom resources


  • free meals and lodging

This workshop if funded by a grant from the Louisiana Environmental Education Commission and the Coastal Waters Consortium/Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative.

To register, contact Murt Conover at (985) 851-2860 or mconover@lumcon.edu.