PUBLIC NOTICE: Deauthorization Procedures Starting for TV-20

The Louisiana Coastal Wetlands Conservation and Restoration Task Force is initiating procedures to deauthorize the Coastal Wetlands Planning, Protection, and Restoration Act (CWPPRA) Bayou Sale Shoreline Protection (TV-20) project as requested by the local project sponsor, the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority (CPRA). Numerous abandoned pipelines in the area presented site access and project construction problems. After consideration of the costs of pipeline removals, alternative construction methods that avoided pipeline removals, and alternative shoreline protection methods such as Wave Attenuation Devices and Oysterbreak that not only would not require pipeline removals but also would not require access channel dredging, implementation of the project proved cost-prohibitive, resulting in limited benefits that did not justify construction.

This 13th Priority Project List project is located along the eastern shoreline of East Cote Blanche Bay, from British-American Canal to the mouth of Bayou Sale, in St. Mary Parish, Louisiana. The goals of this project are to reduce or if possible, reverse shoreline erosion through construction of an offshore rock dike parallel to the existing bankline and create marsh between the breakwater and existing shoreline using the dredged material from project site access channel construction.

Prior to making a final decision, the Task Force will consider written comments on the request to deauthorize the project. Written comments should be provided by April 28, 2014 to the following address:
Colonel Richard L. Hansen
District Commander
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, New Orleans District
Attention: Projects and Restoration Branch, CWPPRA Manager
P.O. Box 60267
New Orleans, Louisiana 70160-0267
If you need further information, please contact Mr. Brad Inman, CWPPRA Program Manager, at (504) 862-2124.


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