LDWF Urges Public to Update their Contact Information in Fishing License Database to Improve Data Collection

The Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries (LDWF) continues to move forward with the Louisiana Recreational Creel Survey (LA Creel).  This new survey provides real-time data collection and the best data available to fishery managers.

LDWF is using the agency’s saltwater fishing license database to conduct email and phone based surveys to supplement data collected through LA Creel dockside surveys.  “We highly encourage anglers to verify the accuracy of their contact information in our fishing license database, specifically their phone number and email address”, explains Robert Barham, Secretary of LDWF.  “It’s a matter of pride that should be shared by all Louisiana anglers that we are stepping out on our own and providing Louisiana’s recreational anglers with the best information available for responsibly managing our fisheries.   The best way that anglers can help in this regard is by going online and updating their contact information.”

Verifying and updating your contact information is quick and simple to do:

Desktop Computer:

1.   On our website, www.wlf.la.gov/licenses, click on “Purchase your license online”

2.   Select “Purchase Hunting/Fishing Licenses”

3.   Click “Start Here”

4.   Log in with your driver’s license number, LDWF number, social security number or alternated ID

5.   Enter your mailing address, phone number and email address (even though this field is optional)

6.   Click the “Update Address/Personal Information Only” button.

7.   Click “Continue”

Mobile Device:

1.  On our website, www.wlf.la.gov/licenses, click on “Purchase your license online.”

2.  Click on “License Sales”

3.  Choose an identification type (drivers license number, LDWF number, social security number or an alternate ID)

4.  Enter appropriate ID number, date of birth, first name and last name, then click “Continue”

5.  Choose if you are a resident of Louisiana (Yes or No)

6.  Complete Address, City, State and Zip under the “Edit Customer Information” Box

7.  Enter mobile number and choose mobile carrier

8.  Edit the email address shown or Add an email address to the “Email” field

9.  Click the ‘Update Information’ button and click continue

Please take a few minutes and update your contact information today.


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