New CWPPRA Outreach Products Available to the Public

The CWPPRA Public Outreach Committee would like invite you to view our latest video and read our newest paperback book.


Louisiana: A Certain Pride of Place – Barrier Islands and Shoreline Restoration

This new CWPPRA video shares information about the ongoing effort to restore Louisiana’s barrier islands and shorelines. The video includes actual footage of restoration efforts and interviews with subject matter experts. The 10-minute film gives viewers a chance to get a first-hand look at the continuing struggles to protect and preserve Louisiana’s unique habitats that extend along the state’s coast.

The video is available at or on YouTube at


Saving Paradise – Honoring Our Past, Protecting Our Future

This paperback book was created to help people understand that the Louisiana coastal wetlands are home to some of the most dynamic creatures on Earth -humans. The 24 page full-color book explains how the state’s residents are uniquely tied to history, culture, and wetlands. The book answers the often asked question, “Why save coastal Louisiana?” The general public will find this wonderful book an easy read.

Free print copies of the book are available upon request while supplies last at

Or download a digital copy of the book at

If you have comments or questions please contact:

Susan Testroet-Bergeron at or Cole Ruckstuhl at


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