Join DredgeFest 2014

DredgeFest is a roving event series about the human manipulation of sediment. DredgeFest Louisiana runs Jan 11-17, 2014 and focuses on south Louisiana and the Mississippi River, which Richard Campanella has called “the land-making machine”.

DredgeFest begins with dredging, the linear industrial activity of uplifting sediments and transporting them to new locations. But DredgeFest is about much more than dredging. DredgeFest Louisiana is a symposium, field expedition, and speculative design workshop about the human manipulation of sediments. It is an encounter between government agencies, designers, theorists, academics, corporate practitioners, industry experts, students, and the public.

This galaxy of technologies and techniques that people use to accelerate or slow erosive processes is a massive undertaking which has a dramatic effect on the shape of the world’s terrain, yet it is rarely recognized as landscape architecture. You know the hockey stick graph for carbon being put in the atmosphere? It turns out there is a similar graph for gigatonnes of soil moved by human intervention every year. These networks of practices and infrastructure deserve more attention.


Who is running the event?
DredgeFest Louisiana is organized by the Dredge Research Collaborative with assistance from our partners, including the Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture at LSU, the Coastal Sustainability Studio at LSU, and Gulf Coast Public Lab.

DredgeFest is a roving conference and workshop series. The first DredgeFest was held in NYC, one month before Hurricane Sandy made landfall. DredgeFest Louisiana is the second. Beyond the conference series, the DRC’s projects include landscape research, from synthetic mapping to balloon aerial photography; design studios taught at Louisiana State University and Virginia Tech; writing published in venues like Wired Design, Urban Omnibus, and Scenario Journal; articles included in the collections Bracket [Goes Soft] and Making the Geologic Now; and producing “The Fluid and the Solid”, a documentary film by Ben Mendelsohn and Alex Chohlas-Wood about dredging, the Anthropocene, and the exponential rise of human earth moving.

Who will be at the symposium?
The two day symposium will bring together a broad mix of disciplines, corporations, public agencies and organizations in live public conversation, exploring and explaining dredge.

Some highlight speakers are:

  • Bradley Cantrell, Associate Professor and Director of the Robert Reich School of Landscape Architecture, Louisiana State University
  • Matthew Coolidge, Founder and Director, Center for Land Use Interpretation
  • Eugene Turner, Distinguished Research Master and Shell Endowed Chair in Oceanography and Wetlands Studies, Louisiana State University
  • Robert Twilley, Professor and Executive Director, Louisiana Sea Grant
  • Clint Willson, Director of Engineering Design and Innovation, the Water Institute of the Gulf

DredgeFest Louisiana runs Jan 11-17 2014. There are a wide variety of activities and you are invited to participate in part or all of the festival.
Symposium Saturday, January 11-Sunday, January 12 in New Orleans
Workshops Monday, January 13-Thursday, January 16 in Baton Rouge
Tour Friday, January 17 leaving from New Orleans
Click here for tickets for DredgeFest Louisiana.

Note: Space is limited.

Who should I contact with more questions?
For media inquiries, general questions, or other matters besides sponsorship, contact
Tim Maly:


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