Illustrations by Diane Rome Peebles

Illustrations by Diane Rome Peebles

The recreational harvest of gray triggerfish in the Gulf of Mexico federal waters will close on October 15, 2013, at 12:01 a.m., local time. NOAA Fisheries projects the 2013 gray triggerfish recreational annual catch target of 217,100 pounds has been harvested. This closure will be effective through the end of the current fishing year, December 31, 2013.


During the closure:

  • Recreational harvest or possession of gray triggerfish is prohibited.
  • The closure applies in both state and federal waters for vessels that have a valid Gulf of Mexico reef fish charter/headboat permit.

This closure is necessary to protect the gray triggerfish fishery. This population is considered overfished (the population is too low) and is undergoing overfishing (too many are being caught each year).


This bulletin provides only a summary of the existing regulations. Full regulations can be found in the Federal Register.