Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission Adds Additional Species to Recreational Offshore Landing Permit

In an effort to capture the most comprehensive data possible, the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission, approved measures to add additional species to the free, required offshore landing permit. 
The permit is required for all anglers, including anglers not normally required to possess a recreational fishing license, possessing tunas, billfish, swordfish, amberjacks, groupers and snappers, and hinds. This permit is now also required for the possession of gray snapper, wahoo, cobia and dolphin.
To make the process as easy as possible for anglers the Commission also removed the permit reporting requirement for Yellowfin Tuna.
Today’s recommendations also remove the permit requirement for any person on a paid trip aboard a charter vessel.
As Louisiana continues to make the case for regional management, it is more important now than ever that anglers provide LDWF biologists with this critical data that will only strengthen our fight. 
The permit is available at no cost to the public.
Get the Permit
To obtain a Recreational Offshore Landings Permit click here:  http://rolp.wlf.la.gov/Permit/Apply


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