Louisiana Oyster Task Force to Meet July 30

Tuesday, July 30 , 1 PM
UNO Advanced Technology Center, 2021 Lakeshore Drive, Suite 210, New Orleans

I.   Roll Call

II.  Approval of  May 23, 2013  MINUTES

III. Treasury Report
A. Oyster Tag Sales
B. LOTF Financial Report
a. Accounting of Oyster Development Account from FY 2002
b. Recommended budget spread for FY 2013

IV. Committee Reports
A.  Public and Private Oyster Grounds Committee – (Buddy Pausina)
B.  Enforcement   – (Steve McManus)
C.  Legislative – (Jakov Jurisic)
D.  Research – (John Supan)
E.  Coastal Restoration – (Dan Coulon)
F.  Marketing –
G.  Health – (Tenney Sibley)
H. Sustainability-

V. Old Business
A. ISSC Meeting in San Antonio- October 26-November 1
B.  BP Oil Spill Remediation
1. Claims Process
2. Public Reef Remediation
3. Oyster Lease Remediation

VI. New Business
A. Response letter sent to CPRA and state legislators
B. Spat report-Tom Soniat
C. Preliminary Stock Assessment Data and season recommendations

VII. Set Next Meeting

VIII. Adjourn


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