A Catalog of Louisiana’s Nesting Seabird Colonies

A new report “A Catalog of Louisiana’s Nesting Seabird Colonies” highlighting Louisiana’s nesting seabird colonies has been recently released by the Barataria-Terrebonne National Estuary Program (BTNEP).
The primary objective of this publication is to detail those coastal Louisiana colonial seabird nesting sites for which researchers have reasonably accurate data, in a tabular, site-by-site format. All major survey (1976-2008) data of site-by-site seabird species counts, as well as several smaller data sets, referred to in the site history tables as “miscellaneous observations” obtained during the May-June seabird breeding period, are included. It is the hope of the writers that these data will provide a dependable foundation from which future colonial seabird nesting surveys might be planned and carried out, as well as showcase the importance of coastal Louisiana’s seabird rookeries, and contribute to their conservation.

The publication is written by: William R. Fontenot, Steve W. Cardiff, Richard A. DeMay, Donna L. Dittmann, Stephen Hartley, Clinton W. Jeske, Nicole Lorenz, Thomas C. Michot, R. Dan Purrington, Michael Seymour, and William G. Vermillion.

This 2013 Barataria-Terrebonne National Estuary Program publication report # 34 has 149 pages plus appendices. For a hard copy of the document contact Richard DeMay at Richard@BTNEP.org or call 985-447-0868.


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