Deauthorization Procedures Starting for BS-15


The Louisiana Coastal Wetlands Conservation and Restoration Task Force is initiating procedures to deauthorize the Coastal Wetlands Planning, Protection, and Restoration Act (CWPPRA) Bohemia Mississippi River Reintroduction (BS-15) project as requested by the local project sponsor, the Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority (CPRA), based on the discovery of very little land-building potential for this sediment diversion and therefore greatly reduced benefits, plus a current lack of need for a diversion in this area as a new natural outlet (“Mardi Gras Pass”) has formed north of this project’s location, rendering a diversion unnecessary in this location.

This 17th Priority Project List project was supposed to be located in the Breton Sound basin in Plaquemines Parish along the east bank of the Mississippi River approximately eight to nine miles southeast of Pointe a la Hache, Louisiana, just northeast of and across the river from Sulphur, Louisiana.

Prior to making a final decision, the Task Force will consider written comments on the request to deauthorize the project. Written comments should be provided by May 24, 2013 to the following address:

Colonel Edward R. Fleming
District Commander
US Army Corps of Engineers, New Orleans District
Attention: Projects Branch West, CWPPRA Manager
PO Box 60267
New Orleans, Louisiana 70160-0267

If you need further information, please contact Mr. Brad Inman, CWPPRA Program Manager, at (504) 862-2124.


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