Reminder: Gulf grouper recreational season opens April 1, 2013

The Gulf of Mexico Fishery Management Council reminds anglers that the recreational harvest of shallow-water groupers – except for gag – reopens April 1 in the federal waters of the Gulf of Mexico.


The annual February 1 – March 31 closure of Gulf recreational shallow-water groupers includes gag, black, red, yellowfin, scamp, and yellowmouth.


Note: the gag recreational season remains closed. Gag will open July 1. The proposed closing date, if approved by the Department of Commerce, will occur when the gag quota is projected to be met. That date is expected to be between November 11 and December 3.  Size limits and bag limits (22″ and 2/person) for gag have not changed.


Federal regulations can change frequently. To download the latest regulations, visit:, or call 813-348-1630 to request a copy.


You may also download our free fishing regulations App for Android or iPhone by visiting the Apple Store or Android Market.


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