The Latest Edition of the Louisiana Conservationist

Dear Conservationists,

The latest edition of the Louisiana Conservationist is here!

Exciting things have been taking place, like our new Facebook page! Alongside our website, the Facebook page allows fans to get access to our archive photos and videos, important outdoor events and general information that anyone can appreciate.

This edition of the Conservationist takes you all over the state, exploring the many projects the department has on-going as well as the important role conservationists are playing.

Our winter months brought rain, as they always do, but this year brought record floods to some areas. Some Louisianans evacuated their homes to higher ground. Lots of our wildlife did as well. Our enforcement agents did what they do best — leading the search and rescue effort, aiding anyone that needed help battling the downpour and flooding that followed.

Unlike the citizens of Louisiana, some of our wildlife took the heavy rains as an omen to move on completely. LDWF biologists tracked our new cohort of Whooping Cranes as their pen flooded and the birds moved on to the landscape for the first time. In the Atchafalaya Basin, LDWF biologist utilized the remaining time of woodcock season to band and track as many birds as possible before migration began.

With spring just around the corner, volunteers participated in the first two Derelict Crab Trap Rodeos of the year. The rodeos are volunteer events aimed at removing abandoned crab traps from the water. This marks the tenth year of the program and fifteenth area that LDWF, Louisiana Sea Grant and volunteers combined to combat the problem of ghost fishing.

We hope you find some time to sit back and enjoy Louisiana’s longest running outdoor publication and don’t forget to become a fan of the Louisiana Conservationist:


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