SASSAFRAS LOUISIANA invites the public for the 2nd Annual Nutria Rodeo at the Larose Regional Park in Larose, LA, on Saturday, March 23rd, 2013, from 2 PM to 7 PM. SASSAFRAS LOUISIANA is hostingthe rodeo once again in order to continue raising awareness of invasive species in South Louisiana. The hunting/fishing categories include the  following invasive species: nutria, Asian carp, feral swine, and apple snails. Scales will open at 2 PM and will close at 5 PM; awards will follow at 6:30 PM. The event  is free to attend, but tickets are required to enter invasive species into the rodeo. Ticket cost is $20 (meal included) and must be purchased prior to March 23rd. Tickets, t-­‐shirts, and more information will be available at Nutria have damaged between 6,000 and  10,000 acres of   coastal marsh each year since 1998. ( Without continuing to control nutria populations in southern Louisiana, the nutria will destroy vital marsh for years to come. In general, invasive species steal resources from native  plants and animals, and they threaten a region’s ecology, economy, and human health. Thus, the aim of the 2nd Annual Nutria Rodeo is to control nutria and other invasive   species in a creative way. Aaron Guidry, treasurer of  SASSAFRAS LOUISIANA and freshman at Nicholls State University, first presented the idea to the organization as a final product for  his senior project at South Lafourche High School. “My senior project was about invasive species in southern Louisiana, and each project must have a ‘final product’ to showcase what you have learned from  all f your research   and networking,” said Guidry. “When I asked for feedback about hosting the nutria rodeo…the executive team, my friends, and even my  teacher laughed at the idea. No one thought it was possible to make it happen.” Numerous nutria and feral hogs were collected, and 400+ people attended the Inaugural Nutria Rodeo. Co-­ ‐founder Caroline Guidry  said, “Even though the Nutria Rodeo began as a flight of fancy, SASSAFRAS LA turned it into a meaningful event. I’m proud of  the work we did, and I’m excited for what’s to come. Rumor has it that there will be  nutria spaghetti.” The public is invited to join SASSAFRAS LOUISIANA for Cajun cuisine, live music, informative booths, exhibits,  and demonstrations on how to prepare and cook dishes using  the invasive species featured at the rodeo. If interested in having an exhibit, please contact us as soon as possible. SASSAFRAS LOUISIANA, Inc. is a  non-­‐profit youth organization actively working to bring the youth together in the restoration  and preservation of the great  state we love, Louisiana. Originally, ASSAFRAS LA began in response to the BP oil disaster. Recently established as a non-­‐profit organization, SASSAFRAS LOUISIANA is co-­‐founded by   Alex  Naquin and Caroline Guidry. Along with the founders, Olivia Bourgeois, Aaron Guidry, and Ronnie Collins make up the executive board. Founders  and board members are seniors  at South Lafourche High School in Galliano, LA, and Aaron Guidry is a freshman at Nicholls State University  in Thibodaux, LA. For more   information on SASSAFRAS LOUISIANA, please visit, or  check us out at If interested in helping to restore and preserve Louisiana’s fragile coast, becoming a SASSAFRAS LOUISIANA member is the perfect way to stay informed and active in coastal  restoration. Membership will officially open at the rodeo!


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